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Bachar Law Firm

Bachar Law Firm is a boutique law firm with over 18 years of experience in unique specialization areas, among them:

  • Accompanying and managing projects in the construction and infrastructure sector for developers and contractors.
  • Land arrangement, initial registration procedures and land acquisition in Judea and Samaria.
  • Civil and commercial law, commercial contracts, litigation and dispute resolution.
  • Corporate and non-profit organization insolvency proceedings, liquidation and rehabilitation.
  • Law and technology, cryptographic assets, blockchain and NFT technology.

Adv. Maayan Bachar, the firm’s founder, holds an LL.B and an additional degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University. She lectures on land arrangement and settlement, and  serves as a lecturer and academic coordinator on cryptographic coins and blockchain at the National Academy for Attorneys (Midrasha) of the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Bachar began her legal career as a criminal prosecutor and legal counsel of local planning and building committees, accompanying complex planning and betterment procedures and initial registration and land arrangement procedures. She also accompanied developers and contractors in wide-scope engineering projects, from the initial stages through to their successful completion.

Over the years Adv. Bachar led extensive legal battles and won precedent-setting cases regarding rural settlement, admission committees and land allocation in Judea and Samaria, as well as in the commercial, insolvency, rehabilitation and recovery fields.

Our firm has a unique department specializing in case management and engineering project accompaniment in the construction and infrastructure field. Project accompaniment is from the initial financing stage, through planning and betterment procedures, managing project execution, budget control, and meeting timetables, through to project completion. The firm engages in all the stages, closely accompanied by engineers and project managers, finance personnel, planners and consultants. Working together, we provide an overall envelope of services to developers and contractors, ensure proper and profitable management of engineering projects, and significantly reduce the risks entailed in projects this field.


עו"ד מעיין בכר


בעלת תואר ראשון במשפטים ותואר נוסף בכלכלה מאוניברסיטת תל אביב, חברה בלשכת עורכי הדין מאז שנת 2005. עורכת דין בכר שימשה בעברה כיועצת משפטית ותובעת פלילית בוועדות אזוריות ומקומיות לתכנון ולבניה ובמשך למעלה מעשור, עוסקת בליווי יזמים וקבלנים בתחום הבניה והפיתוח ובתחום הסדרת המקרקעין וההתיישבות העירונית והכפרית.

לעו”ד בכר התמחות ייחודית נוספת בתחום המטבעות הקריפטוגרפיים, טכנולוגיית הבלוקצ’יין ו NFTs, היא מרצה ומרכזת אקדמית בתחום המטבעות הקריפטוגרפיים וטכנולוגיית הבלוקצ’יין ומלווה יזמים ומשקיעים בתחום.