Accompany and Manage Projects in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector for Developers and Contractors

Our firm has unique expertise in managing and accompanying engineering projects in the construction and infrastructure sector, including:

  • Accompanying the initial capital raising stages, mezzanine financing and receiving banking accompaniment.
  • Accompanying planning and betterment procedures, urban building scheme change procedures and obtaining building permits.
  • Preparing a set of contracts and agreements with developers, contractors, suppliers, service providers, consultants and purchasers.
  • Accompanying and managing project execution, budget control and meeting timetables.

The firm engages in all stages, closely accompanied by engineers and project managers, finance personnel, planners and consultants, working together to provide an overall envelope of services to developers and contractors and to ensure proper and profitable management of engineering projects.

Over the years our firm has accompanied the management and execution of construction, development and infrastructure work for hundreds of residential units, including in Barkan, Adi, Karnei Shomron, Oshrat, Oranit, Har Adar and Jerusalem.